Learning From Nature

Nature is the natural, physical, or material world or universe. Although human are parts of nature, human activity is often understood as a separate category from other natural phenomena.
There are a lot of benefit that we can gain form nature. Nature give us so much benefit that even we don’t realize it was so much valuable like oxygen, imagine if just 2 seconds earth lose it oxygen, everything will be on chaos, for example water that consist of H2O, if Oxygen disappear then it will be just H wich is Hidrogen and it will evaporated and it will be dangerous. Another example is building, the material that hold most ofit is cement. And cement made of mixture of some chemichal thing and an O so if Oxygen disappear the building will fall and it will create a mass disaster all around the globe.
Another thing that nature gives is place to stay. Yeah we know we live in the city but all city around the world 1.000 yars ago is just a wild jungle. So nature give us place to stay and build home …

Crossword Scrabble


2. Incision
4. Exist
6. Back
9. Colour
12.  Negotiation
15.  Their,  them
16.  Wail,  moan,  buzz
17.  Not thin
18.  Settle
22.  Delivery,  forward
23.  An alcohol drink
25.  Tooth
29.  An roasted bread


1.  Grotto
3.  Something salty, replace S with M
5.  Something that can burn
7.  When you wait you wait too long
8.  RIP
10.  Something you did if you hungry
11.  Not honest
13.  Something that cowboy ride
14.  Not old
19.  ... you "coldplay song"
20.  Synonym of mouse
21.  Above 100 degrees
24.  Bambi
26.  Absent, ....... by first letter of the name
27.  Mini Komodo
28.  Exit

My Favorite song (Period)

My favorite song currently is Yellow Claw – Kaolo pt. 3 and Yellow Claw & LNY TNZ – Techno. What is that song meaning to me? Well nothing, I like it because I just like EDM and I currently like Trap Genre so…yeah. Maybe in a couple month I change my favorite song because I currently change style of music to listen to, some times I prefer listen to Big room house, sometimes Deep/Future House, sometimes Hardstyle, and now at the time of this assignment given I like to listen to Trap. So my favorites song is Yellow Claw – Kaolo pt.3 and Yellow Claw & LNY TNZ – Techno. 

Yellow claw - Techno

Yellow claw - Kaolo
My Holiday             On 14th December 2016, my family and I went to Japan. We went there by JAL ( Japan Airlines). The plane took off at 06.00 AM so we went from Bandung at 12.00 AM because the flight attendants require you to be at the boarding pass at 2 hour before taking off so we have to be there at around 04.00 AM. After we arrive  Japan at 05.00 PM Japan time. It was cold because it was winter in Japan. We take a bus from Narita Airport to Tokyo wich took about 2 hour. We reach Tokyo at about 07.30 PM. Our hotel is at Shibuya. After we reach there we just clean ourselves and go to sleep.
            The next day we just walk around Shibuya like to Shibuya crossing, Hachiko Statue, etc. And also we just shopping around Shibuya like Uniqlo, Adidas, Onitsuka Tiger, etc. we just walk around near Shibuya like Shinjuku, Harajuku, etc. At night we eat Sushi in near our Hotel and went home because tomorrow we have to wake early.
            At the morning we wake up early because we have…




Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb               Our school SMAN 3 Bandung will held an english story telling contest. Each class will have to send one students to perform in this event. This event will be held on: Date: Saturday, 8th October 2016 Place: SMAN 3 New Hall Time: 8.00 – 12.00
            Contestant have to come at 07.30 to have preparation. All SMAN 3 students can come to watch the contest. The winner of this contest will get a very special prize. What’s the prize you wondering? Then participate this contest and do the best to win!!

My Unforgettable Memory

My unforgettable memory is when I was went study abroad in Japan. It was at December 2014. My school had a study trip abroad to Japan. I was there around 2 weeks. We went to many special places, a university that I forgot the name, a senior high school that in that senior highschool we play angklung and give one of the angklung to the head of school and one of the student in that school.
Then we went to some other cool place like the temple of Japan, even we went to Disneyland Tokyo and play around until the end of the day. Even we try Shinkansen, one of the fastest train in the world. On the first day we go to school at 03.00 AM and went to Soekarno Hatta airport at Jakarta. Then we have a breakfast while the teacher and the guide take care of the ticket and our Visa. Then the plane take off at 11.30 AM. We use Garuda Indonesia as our Plane. We Arrived at around 08.30 PM at Narita Airport and went to our hotel. Our hotel is pretty far away so we arrived at the hotel at ar…